About NDEC Classes

The National Digital Equity Center provides digital skills training through 40+ classes organized around three curricula:

  • For Work & Business
  • For Home & Education
  • Aging Well With Technology

Our classes range in duration from one to three one-hour class sessions.  Classes can either be taken in an online, interactive format via Zoom or in-person at several locations throughout Maine.  Our class content and experienced instructors consistently maintain high student satisfaction ratings.

Classes are small group in nature, ranging in size from 5-10 participants.  None of the online interactive classes are available in an on-demand pre-recorded format.  Classes are designed to allow participants to get their questions answered and master the skills they need to be successful in a digital world.

Classes are free to Maine residents and Bendable South Bend members.  Out of state students may take classes for $50 per class.

Our Onsite Class Program

If you see a class or classes that you wish were held in your community, please contact your nearest NDEC Partner Onsite Class location.   If there is no NDEC Partner Onsite Class location near you, please contact us at makeadifference@digitalequitycenter.org and we will let you know how to assist in bringing those classes to your community.