Susan Hathaway

Susan HathawayDigital Navigator – Somerset County 
Susan worked as a mechanical engineer for over thirty years, the latter six from home. She set up her home office, which incorporated multiple screens, a battery back up system and docking station, with challenges including constant internet interruptions from frequent power outages. She attended many remote meetings with colleagues, and often hosted meetings, sharing 3D content with the team of contractors. She has mentored many new employees, teaching both software and design systems.

Susan’s interests span a wide variety of endeavors, from multiple crafts to participating in triathalons. She has always been someone who will reach out to others when in need. She helped her aging mother with computer technology from afar, using the ability to take over her computer when her mother had issues.

Susan finds challenges that arise not as barriers but as an opportunity to creatively find working solutions. She recently began her position as town clerk for The Forks Plantation, where she and her husband reside, in late September. She has already been instrumental in developing a remote participation policy for both board members and the public so that they can attend meetings wherever they are. She is also proposing to maintain the town’s website so that it is current, accurate and provides an interactive experience for residents and guests.