Public Computer Access and Community WiFi HotSpots

Increasing Public Computer Access that allows residents to access technology in places in which they feel comfortable and supported is essential. If a business or resident cannot afford equipment or an internet subscription, and if broadband is not available at their location, Public Computer Access is essential.

The following libraries have free public Wi-Fi and computers available for public use:

Many local Adult Education Programs may have public computer access available for public use, as well as local Community Centers.

Community WiFi HotSpots are open access networks that allow citizens in downtown or other public spaces access to the internet.  This is a simple, straightforward way to get your community connected. Many local business locations offer free WiFi connectivity. Spectrum offers free WiFi Hotspots in several locations in Maine.

Community WiFi HotSpots have the capability to:

  • Allow people to access email and other smartphone tools in a faster, more efficient manner- without using their cellular data plan
  • Supports connectivity to computers and tablets
  • Community WiFi HotSpot “Welcome” pages can promote access to local amenities:
    • Tourism related attractions
    • Lodging and food options
    • Where public restrooms are located
  • Allows a “sponsor” to advertise their business

Community WiFi HotSpots typically report more than 1,000 unique users accessing broadband connectivity each month. Community WiFi HotSpots often extend the reach of local libraries and other community WiFi resources.

Community WiFi HotSpots are available in the following communities in Maine:

Community WiFi HotSpots help make Downtown’s Cool and Connected

Free Wireless Hotspot

 If you are an entity that provides either free public computer access or free public WiFi in Maine, please email us at to be added to the list.