Digital Equity & Digital Inclusion Plans

To address leveraging the internet, communities can adopt a Digital Equity & Digital Inclusion Plan. A plan includes designing intentional strategies and investments to reduce and eliminate historical, institutional and structural barriers to access and technology use.

The National Digital Equity Center can work with a community or region to create and execute a Digital Equity & Digital Inclusion Plan.

The plan should address the four components to Digital Inclusion – Affordable Broadband, Affordable Equipment, Digital Literacy/Computer Skills Training, and Public Computer Access.

To create the plan, the National Digital Equity Center begins by analyzing the community or region’s demographics and reviewing the data to recommend a digital literacy/computer skills plan for the community or region. The plan might include a digital skills training plan for Business Growth & Support; Tourism; Aging in Place; and Residential Resources.

The Digital Equity & Digital Inclusion Plan will also include what options are available for affordable broadband, affordable equipment and where public computer access may be available in a community or region.

For more information on how the National Digital Equity Center can work with your community or region, please contact or 207-259-5010.

Other resources that can assist communities with broadband infrastructure planning are listed here.