Phillip Attean

Penobscot Nation Digital Navigator

Phillip hails from Indian Island Maine and spent much of his early life traveling and living across the country. After working in the construction trades as a surveyor and a mason, Phillip decided to attend UMaine and earned a BS in Finance and minored in computer science. While attending UMaine Phillip began to see the vast disparities in computer knowledge and access. As a student senate member, he was appointed a seat on the technology advisory board where he advocated for more computing resources and was part of the team to have the first publicly available computer clusters installed. After graduation, he worked for the Penobscot Nation Finance department and was responsible for implementing the first network to connect all the buildings and departments. Phillip then went to work for health care as a systems administrator for PINRX, Penobscot Health, and Mille Lacs Health. Phillip loves to travel and likes doing home repairs, fixing old cars, and building computers in his spare time.