Partner Onsite Class Survey

This survey provides us with a means to offer the classes which best suit the needs of our partner. Please complete this survey as soon as you are able to help guide our scheduling in the coming months. Please check as many classes as you are interested in holding. Some may be duplicated on the form. Check as many as you wish!

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Improve Digital Literacy For Free With NDEC
Learning About Devices
Email & The Internet
Android Smartphones & Tablets
Windows PC Computers
Apple Mac Computers
Protecting Your Digital Presence
Internet & Computer Safety
Using Technology for Better Health
Internet & Computer Safety
Getting What You Need Online
Using Social Media
Google & Chromebook Tools
Apple Mac-based Tools
Internet & Computer Safety
Windows PC Computers
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Google-based Tools
Social Media
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Do you have any requests for specific classes available for certain months, times of day, days of the week? We are adding classes to claim on the Partner Portal and the more feedback we have from you, the better we will be able to schedule what you need.
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