Partner Onsite Classes Program

A month before the pandemic, with the support of the Island Institute, the National Digital Equity Center held its first online class, where an instructor taught a class to three island communities simultaneously via Zoom.  The class was a topic that the Digital Literacy Instructors in that region of Maine were not able to teach.  This was our first “online & onsite” class.  A little more than a month later, all in person classes throughout the state were cancelled and we quickly moved them to an online, interactive format.

Now, over two years later, people all across the state have access to ANY of our classes wherever they work or live, and we have added even more classes to our offerings.  But people now want to gather for these free classes in their communities, to learn with their friends, neighbors and co-workers, rather than in an online group of participants.  That is where joining our Partner Onsite Classes Program for your library, Adult Education Program, or Community Center can make a difference.  When you are ready to open your facility to in-person participation in our classes, we will be able to bring any of our 40+ online digital literacy classes to your community through the use of NDEC Volunteer Class Facilitators that you select and we train. All classes are free!

We piloted our new Partner Onsite Classes Program with two adult education programs in Downeast Maine with great results.  The small group, socially distanced learning in one-hour class sessions allowed individual learners to participate in classes that they otherwise may not have been able to participate in with our online format.  Each facility set their own COVID-19 safe requirements for participation.

Each Partner can choose as many of our currently scheduled classes as they wish to be onsite at their location as long as they have a Class Facilitator who can be there to manage the “Zoom in” of the instructor and facilitate class attendance and participation.  Class size is limited to no more than 10 participants, but each location can set their own class size.

NDEC Class Facilitators

We will train one or more designated volunteers or staff for your facility or organization to facilitate participation in any of our online classes from your facility.  All who assist in delivering our services – whether they are NDEC volunteers or your staff/volunteers, must agree to the NDEC Code of Conduct and Confidentiality Agreement and pass a background check.  If your organization already has background checks completed on these individuals, we simply need a letter verifying the date of the background check.  After an initial orientation, you can determine which classes in our schedule of online classes you would like to have a Partner Onsite Class for at your facility.

The instructor will present via Zoom to individual online learners as well as the group of onsite learners at your facility.  For each of our online classes, there will be no more than two onsite classes, ensuring that your class will get the attention they need from the NDEC Instructor.  The onsite Class Facilitator will set up the classroom, help the instructor take attendance, relay questions from the room to the instructor, and collect class evaluations.

Let’s Get Started

If you would like to register for the NDEC Partner Onsite Classes Program to begin the process of having NDEC classes at your facility, please complete the following form: Click Here!