Become An Affordable Devices Program Partner

We are now in our second round of funding for our Affordable Devices Program through a grant from the Maine Office of Community Development.  We learned a lot from our first round of funding – namely, that it is often difficult to get in touch with those who need devices and internet access most – people who need a champion to communicate with and for them due to limited cell phone access and transient housing.

If you are affiliated with an organization that serves Maine residents that could benefit from the NDEC Affordable Devices Program, we  would like to invite you to become an NDEC Affordable Devices Program Referral Partner.  We will provide you the training that you need to  complete the qualification steps for each individual you refer.  As an acknowledgement to each referral partner’s commitment to help us close the Digital Divide, we will send a refurbished Windows 10 desktop computer with webcam to you after your first referral.

Before receiving a device, each recipient in our Affordable Devices Program has to go through a process to:

  • Determine eligibility based on household size, county of residency, and household income;
  • Complete their NDEC Enrollment Registration Form;
  • Agree to an End User Agreement for the device that best meets their needs: and
  • Register for and complete specific required NDEC classes.

Below are the devices that are available through our Affordable Devices Program and the requirements for each:

  • For those with limited or no home internet access, a data-enabled Samsung Android tablet for which we pay the monthly data fee for 12 months.
  • For those with high speed internet access, either a Windows 10 desktop computer or a Windows 10 laptop computer. The recipients of these computers are provided a Certificate of Ownership after completion of their required free classes.

If your Maine organization would like to be an NDEC Affordable Devices Program Partner, please contact us at (207) 259-5010 or  You will receive a call to schedule you for a one-hour ADP Referral Orientation via Zoom.

If you are interested in and are not yet part of either our NDEC Volunteer Tutor Program or NDEC Partner Onsite Classes Program, please don’t hesitate to mention that and we will get you connected with those programs as well.