Ina Beal

If you contact the National Digital Equity Center, there is a good chance that Ina Beal will be the first person Ina Beal you meet.  Her friendly style makes the process of finding, signing up for and taking a class with NDEC an easy one.  As the full-time Administrator, she wears a lot of hats at the NDEC.  Ina keeps our programs and classes running smoothly behind the scenes.  She is also the first point of contact for anyone wanting to know more about our tablet hotspot program for older adults.   Ina also serves as Volunteer Coordinator, assisting the Program Director with our new Community Volunteer Program.

Ina first started working with Axiom Technologies back in 2007 through the Maine Aspire program and stayed on with the company as an Administrative Assistant for the next eleven years.  She moved to the National Digital Equity Center in 2018 where she especially loves working with our older participants. “I really have a soft spot in my heart for the older generation” she says.

In her free time, Ina loves to be with her two boys and her extended family in the Jonesport area where she grew up.  This year, she started a vegetable garden for the first time and she and her boys are patiently waiting for the lettuce, green beans, lima beans, peppers and tomatoes to start showing up.  Her most favorite activity is scrapbooking and she recently learned the craft of crocheting from her mother, who is passing down the time-honored tradition.