ILP Assessment Form

This should be filled out by the instructional staff doing the assessment.

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Please remember to put this session into Ditto.
Name of DSSP Participant
Staff Member doing the assessment
Name of the Digital Navigator
If this is a virtual assessment done by ILP staff, please leave blank.
If this assessment is in a language other than English, please note which language?

Is this participant part of a device program?
If you don't know, please ask the Digital Navigator in attendance.
All participants will either have a client use device available or they will have brought one to the interview. Please ask the DN at the interview whether the device they will be using is a:
If the tablet or laptop is not a Windows or Android device, please note in the comments section at the end which device was used.
Which of the following devices do you currently use to go on the internet?
If you go on the internet, which device do you use the most to connect to the internet?
Do you currently have high-speed internet access in your home?
Are you concerned about being able to afford internet access?
On average, how often do you use the internet in general?
On average, how often do you use social media such as Facebook or Instagram?
On average, how often do you use email?
Do you know how to forward, reply to, and compose a message in email?
Let them know that, if they do not we'll add that to their digital skills goals.
For those that use email ask: if you were to receive a new device - whether that is a phone, tablet, or laptop would you know how to set up your current email on that device?
Let them know that, if they do not we'll add that to their digital skills goals.
We always include that last piece - internet safety - in each Digital Skills Success Plan, however, if you feel very confident in that area we will include a way that you can demonstrate that and earn a certificate before proceeding on with the rest of your plan. But would you like to add learning more about any of these things we've just reviewed to your list of Digital Skills Goals?
Please check each that they ask to add, but add any that are not on this list to the open-ended goals question.
Finally we're going to talk about the primary device you will be using for your Digital Skills Success Program. If you will be receiving a device soon, your Digital Navigator will have a device to loan you for this part of the interview. This device is a:

If this is their first device of this sort, ask them: Can you turn it on?
If they say yes, please tell the Digital Navigator to invite them to do so. With each of the next questions. Have the DN have them do each of the things we ask.
Can you open a program or application on it?
Do you know how to do you know how to get back to the main screen or window now?
Do you know how to adjust settings like volume and screen brightness?
Always assure them if they don't know that we will make sure they know how to do these things as part of their plan.
Explain to the participant that NDEC will create a Digital Skills Plan for them which will include free classes and one-on-one sessions with their digital navigator. After they complete their plan, we ask that they have one final session with their Digital Navigator to review what they have learned, make sure that they know how to continue learning digital skills with NDEC, and let us know how the plan has helped them.