Affordable Device Program Data Tablet Agreement

Tablet Terms & Conditions

The National Digital Equity Center’s (NDEC) Tablet program is offered to any Maine resident who needs a device with internet access and meets specific income eligibility requirements. Your tablet subscription is sponsored by the NDEC Affordable Devices Program for the first 12 months based on your household size and household income.  If you choose to keep the tablet beyond this initial period, you must contact the National Digital Equity Center to re-enroll in the program or, if your circumstances have changed, set up a payment agreement at (207) 259-5010.

Your use of this Tablet is subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the agreement below, and by accepting this Tablet, you agree to the terms and conditions contained in this document.

The Tablet has the capability of providing internet access via cellular service.

I understand this property can only be used by myself, a Maine resident.

If the Tablet is lost, damaged or stolen due to end-user negligence, I will be charged $100 to replace the Tablet.

I understand the condition for free use of this tablet is completion of two NDEC classes – Internet Safety and Android Basics OR Android Intermediate.  One-on-one assistance is available to learn how to access these classes in their online format.

The Tablet remains NDEC’s property at all times. NDEC may request that I return the Tablet at any time.

I will never loan the equipment to other individuals, companies, or groups.

I will know where the NDEC property assigned to me is at all times.

I will not disassemble or attempt to repair Tablet assigned to me.

I will take care of the Tablet and use reasonable efforts to avoid damaging it. If the Tablet assigned to me is lost, stolen or damaged, I agree to call NDEC at 207-259-5010 immediately. I understand that NDEC may choose not to replace or repair the Tablet in its sole discretion.

Only software available through the Tablet “App” icon is to be installed on the Tablet, unless authorized by NDEC supervisory staff.

Technical Support for the Tablet can be reached by calling NDEC at 207-259-5010 or email

NDEC offers free Digital Literacy/Computer Skills classes and tutoring to Maine residents. All tablet recipients must enroll in our online Internet Safety class.  Tutoring is available on how to use this tablet to participate in the class for those who need it.

Upon termination of this agreement – whether through my own choice or NDEC’s – I agree to return the Tablet assigned to me unlocked and in good working condition.

If you choose to keep the tablet beyond this 12-month period, you must contact the National Digital Equity Center to set up a payment arrangement at a cost of $30/month.

If you do not agree to abide by the terms of this End User Agreement, please contact us at (207) 259-5010.  We will provide you instructions to return it to the National Digital Equity Center and/or your sponsoring organization.