Create A Digital Skills Program

The National Digital Equity Center can assist a community and/or region in creating a local digital skills plan. The plan may include:

  • Create a train-the-trainer digital skills program where we certify an instructor to teach one or more of NDEC’s digital skills classes in your area.  Cost depends on the number of participants, level of skill-building, and number of classes included in your program.
  • Create a plan and budget to offer these classes in your community, through our unique Partner Onsite class program.  Our instructors teach classes via Zoom to in-person participants at your location.  This program is free to Maine locations that offer the classes open to the public and free to their communities.
  • Create a plan and budget to offer specific NDEC Online Interactive Digital Skills classes to members of your organization or community.  These classes are free to Maine residents but are $50.00 per class to individual out-of-state participants.

If you are interested in exploring the creation of an NDEC Digital Skills Program for your community, state, or region, please contact Susan Corbett at or (207) 259-5010.