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Louis Carrier

Digital Skills Instructor

Sharing his love of technology, teaching, and design has powered Louis Carrier’s career. He is passionate about helping Mainers gain access to digital resources and once climbed a water tower on North Haven to show internet service providers they could bring wireless internet to the island from their towers on the mainland – which they did.

While growing up in Auburn, ME Louis first learned to speak French from his Canadian family, who still spoke it at home. After starting out as an architect, he and his wife Silvia changed course and moved to North Haven when Silvia was hired as a teacher. Louis set up the first Mac Lab at the school, and took on the role of Technology Coordinator and math teacher for the school district- positions he held for 27 years.

As a teacher, Louis focuses on helping students understand the practical applications of technology in everyday life.  “I believe the best way of learning is by doing,” he says.  Last year Lois taught Google Classroom to other teachers and used it with students when he was away for several weeks.  This meant that North Haven was able to pivot seamlessly to online education during the COVID-19 pandemic.

After retiring from teaching, Louis heard from the Island Institute that digital literacy instructors were needed at the National Digital Equity Center.  He now teaches all of the online classes on Apple/Mac OS products such as Iphones/Ipads and Apple Mac computers.  He is also developing new classes for parents & teachers to help them use Google Classroom for the coming school year. Before NDEC moved all classes to an online format due to the pandemic, Louis taught classes in Waldo, Knox, and parts of Sagadahoc County.

In his free time Louis helps Silvia grow “honey berries,” which are similar to blueberries, but elongated and even more flavorful, he says.  He loves all things Italian and is learning the language using the free app DuoLingo.  This has come in handy for his yearly trips to Italy where he and Silvia own a home.

Louis Carrier

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