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David Hill

After retiring from a long career mentoring small businesses in Maine, David Hill decided retirement was overrated.  “I missed the opportunity to help people and really enjoy mentoring,” says David.  So last year he became a Digital Literacy Instructor and hit the road, introducing people to the many different computer devices and online resources available to them. Before NDEC moved all classes to an online format due to the pandemic, David taught classes throughout the state, but most recently in Oxford and Franklin Counties. It was a natural fit after 17 years of mentoring people through his job as the Center Director and Business Advisor for the Maine Small Business Development Center at Coastal Enterprises, Inc.

As a resident of Chebeague Island, David has always been passionate about digital access and equity.  So much so, that twelve years ago, he and his sister-in-law used their entrepreneurial skills to form Chebeague.Net, an island internet service provider that offered an alternative to the slow dial up service available at the time.    Today the company is managed by Axiom Technologies, but David can still be found helping with installations and troubleshooting problems around the island.

David’s family has been on Chebeague for generations and his grandfather, who was born on the island, is a bit of a legend in Maine because he once outshot Annie Oakley.  The famous sharpshooter was visiting the Rangeley Lake House where young Bill Hill was working as a bellhop.  In a competition set up by a friend, Bill Hill hit 99 of 100 marks to Annie Oakley’s 88.  She was so impressed she eventually got him a job with Remington Arms, where he worked as a sharpshooter demonstrating their products.

Today, David is deeply involved in the community, serving on the board of the Chebeaugue Island Historical Society and is a Selectman for the Town, amongst other roles.  In his free time, he and his wife, Nancy love to travel the world, which they hope to do again when the pandemic is over.

David Hill

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