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Alex Fairbrook

As NDEC’s Data & Reporting Coordinator, Alex Fairbrook manages the data and reporting tools that are vital to NDEC’s programs.  Prior to becoming the NDEC Reporting Coordinator, she was a part-time Digital Literacy Instructor.

In December of 2021, Alex completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Library Sciences from the University of Maine at Augusta.  As part of this degree, she completed a 100 hour internship with the National Digital Equity Center, the purpose of which was to move NDEC’s data management and reporting into Tableau, a software platform with extensive analytics and capabilities.  After the successful completion of her internship and degree, she accepted the full-time position with NDEC to continue to manage all of our data and reporting needs.

As one of our younger staff, Alex grew up using the internet from an early age and understands the importance of digital literacy.  “It’s been a powerful tool for me to socialize and educate myself. You can’t even apply for a job without going online,” she says, “correcting inequalities (in access) is important to me.”

Alex Fairbrook

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