Age Friendly Communities of Lower Kennebec Tablet Program

This form provides us with the information the National Digital Equity Center needs to get a tablet to a resident of the Age Friendly Communities of the Lower Kennebec and help them take the digital literacy classes they need to successfully use it.

This referral form is designed so that you can refer a resident over the phone or while sitting with them in person.  Please make sure they know that they will receive a call from the National Digital Equity Center to go over the End User Agreement and ask them further questions to enroll them in our program.  If you can, as a trusted member of their community, please complete the Enrollment Registration form at with them and put “Age Friendly Communities of Lower Kennebec” in the space provided at the top of the form.

Before completing the referral form below, please make sure that you have completed their Enrollment form with them and they have agreed to the End User Agreement.  If you or they have any questions, please contact us at before completing the Enrollment Process.

  • We will email or call you if we have questions about the referral.
  • NDEC ships tablets by US Postal Service Only.
  • If this person does not yet have an email address, NDEC will help them create one as part of their Individual Learning Plan.
    Android data tablets are available for those who do not have high speed internet in their home; wireless tablets are provided for those who do.
    If this is the applicant's first tablet, we will provide an Individual Learning Plan which includes a skills assessment and recommended classes.
    If no, please do not continue with this application. We provide digital literacy classes both online and in some locations in these communities.
    You can expand on your answer to this question in the spaces below if you wish.
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